MXNET for R 3.6


I am installing MXNET R package on windows following the instruction trying to use a pre-built binary:

cran <- getOption(“repos”)
cran[“dmlc”] <- “
options(repos = cran)

I got this error message:

Warning: unable to access index for repository

Will you have mxnet for R 3.6?

Thank you in advance for your help.


Thanks for your message @LaranIkal, @jeremiedb do you know if MXNet is available for R 3.6?


Having the R 3.6 support should just be a matter of updating the S3 repo. I think @hetong007 was performing it?
@LaranIkal are you looking for the CPU or GPU version? As a quick fix I could make a build tomorrow and post a link to access it.

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Thank you for all the attention to my message.

I am looking for the CPU version please.


@LaranIkal Here’s the link for downloading a CPU built on Windows with R 3.6.0. It’s the very latest MXNet release 1.5.0.

Package can be installed directly:

install.packages("", repos = NULL)
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Thank you @jeremiedb for all your help, I have installed mxnet, the installation process worked fine.

I will start testing using autoencoders for anomaly detection, I will let you know if some problem comes up.

Thank you @ThomasDelteil for the follow up.



Hi @jeremiedb !

Would it be possible to provide a similar link for installing MXNet on Mac OS X? I have the same problem: trying to install it for R 3.6.0.

Thank you!