How to use an image without targets (negative image)as a train image to train a detection net?


When I use an image in which there are targets to train a detection network, I can use the xml annotation to get the idx and rec file. But when I want to use an image in which there isnot any targets, I do not know how to do. For the xml, it need the position(xmin,xmax,ymin and ymax)of a target. So there are no x or y for the negetive image to generate the xml annotation.
And I also tried to write an xml annotation like others except the object part, it is not work.
How can I use the negative image to train the detection network like SSD?


I guess you are talking about the xml file defined at Can you try putting 0 in all xmin, xmax, ymin and ymax for negative images? Does it work?