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Gluon load model error


deserialized_net = gluon.nn.SymbolBlock.imports(“save-symbol.json”, [‘data’], “save-0012.params”)

error message:
ValueError: There are multiple outputs with name “fcn0_resnetv1b0_layers1_relu0_fwd_output”

How can I fix this?


It seems like a known problem, but it hasn’t been fixed yet. You can try to do the same thing as @wfus did - delete one of the definitions from JSON manually.


Thank you very much for your help,and then after that show :
AssertionError: Parameter ‘fcn0_resnetv1b0_conv0_weight’ is missing in file ‘save-0001.params’, which contains parameters: ‘fcn3_resnetv1b0_conv0_weight’, ‘fcn3_resnetv1b0_batchnorm0_gamma’, ‘fcn3_resnetv1b0_batchnorm0_beta’, …, ‘fcn3__fcnhead1_hybridsequential0_batchnorm0_running_mean’, ‘fcn3__fcnhead1_hybridsequential0_batchnorm0_running_var’, ‘fcn3__fcnhead1_hybridsequential0_conv1_weight’, ‘fcn3__fcnhead1_hybridsequential0_conv1_bias’. Please make sure source and target networks have the same prefix.

But isn’t my prefix the same, is save


It is hard to say why it happens… Anyway, even removing items manually from JSON shouldn’t be a thing to do.
I have updated the issue with an example of how to reproduce. I hop that some of the community members will reply.


Thank you very much for your patient help


Follow the error and modify the json file.It can help us compile successfully