Cannot install mxnet-cu101==1.4.0



I have followed everything without problems up to the point where I have to update the environment description in environment.yml for mx-net with cuda support. My previous description was mxnet==1.4.0 which I changed to mxnet-cu101==1.4.0 as my cuda version is 10.1.
However, when I run:
conda env update -f environment.yml
I get the following error:
Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement mxnet-cu101 (from -r /home/nenko/miniconda3/d2l-en/condaenv.alwxqubp.requirements.txt (line 1)) (from versions: )
No matching distribution found for mxnet-cu101 (from -r /home/nenko/miniconda3/d2l-en/condaenv.alwxqubp.requirements.txt (line 1))

Any help would be much appreciated!


Currently mxnet is only available for upto cuda version 10.0
Try replacing cuda 10.1 with 10.0


So should I uninstall cuda 10.1 and install cuda 10.0 before I try with mxnet-cu100==1.4.0 or I should directly try installing mxnet-cu100==1.4.0


I’m not sure which way would work, but I’d suggest to uninstall cuda 10.1 before installing cuda 10.0

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Thanks! What is the best way to uninstall it so that there is no confusion after that? I am a bit of a beginner in linux.


Sorry I can’t say anything because I’ve never done that before. Here’s an official link from Nvidia regarding uninstalling cuda:

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